Art of science communication with Lee McIntyre

This conversation is with Lee McIntyre. He is a Research Fellow at the Center for Philosophy and History of Science at Boston University and an Instructor in Ethics at Harvard Extension School. In this conversation we talk about what is science, importance of scientific method, science deniers, flat earthers, Anti-Vaxx, GMO deniers and climate change deniers.

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Here's the timeline of the session:

0:00 Introduction 01:10 Philosophy of science and science denial 03:19 Flat earther convention 06:00 What do science deniers lack? 07:54 What is scientific method? 10:51 Distinction between skeptics and science deniers? 16:00 Need to feel different for science deniers? 17:23 Attitude of scientific community? 20:35 'No one cares about climate change outside Maldives' 24:35 Vaccination denial 29:25 GMO deniers 34:02 Is there a correlation between science denial ideologies? 36:48 Can scientists be corrupt? 39:40 How science reaches to consensus? 41:47 How to maintain trust in changing science? 44:34 Backfire effect? 49:12 What science can give them as an identity? 51:36 Impact of using terms 'Science deniers'. 52:18 Correlation between countries with science deniers and how they handled pandemic? 53:34 Does it really matter to convert science deniers? 54:45 What more to read? 56:23 Find more information about Lee's work. 56:52 Thank you! Further reading: