Chemistry of life and death with Nick Lane

This episode is with Nick Lane. Nick is a professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry at University College London. He is an author of several books like Power, Sex, Suicide; Life ascending and the Vital question. His latest book is Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death.

Here we talk about What is life?, Life as an information, importance of Krebs cycle, How did the life start?, consciousness, chronic diseases like cancer and process of ageing.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:50 Is 'What is life?' a right question?

00:05:10 Information view of life

00:08:02 Importance of metabolism for origin of life

00:14:27 Gases giving rise to life stuff

00:24:06 Why life doesn't form in a cola bottle?

00:25:20 Oxygen based life

00:31:06 Eukaryogenesis

00:41:07 Respiration in bacteria and mitochondria

00:44:29 Electrical potential on membranes

00:52:24 Membrane inheritance

00:58:04 Krebs cycle and reverse Krebs cycle

01:06:54 Recycling of mitochondria for health

01:15:24 Answering important questions in science

01:18:19 Biology of fields

01:32:11 Reductionism in science

01:35:33 How anesthetics affect bacterial or mitochondrial membranes?

01:45:43 Quantum biology

01:59:05 Lee Cronin's idea of synthetic life

02:01:35 Lee Cronin and Sara Walker's assembly theory

02:05:39 Can we simplify present biochemistry?

02:17:53 Thank you!

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