Collective intelligence of cells with Michael Levin

This episode is with Michael Levin.He is a Professor in the Biology department at Tufts University. His work on left-right asymmetric body structures is on Nature’s list of 100 Milestones of Developmental Biology of the Century.Here we talk about Life as an information, deterministic view of life, multi-cellularity, two headed flatworms Picasso frogs, bio-electricity and collective intelligence of cells.

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00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:23 Brief overview of Mike's work 00:03:42 What is life? 00:07:06 Life as an information 00:11:10 Transitions in the complexity of the system 00:15:26 Continuum systems in biology 00:19:42 Understanding cognition 00:23:07 Metaphors in science 00:24:09 Evolution and selection on a continuum system 00:33:25 Genomes and development of an organism 00:38:26 Software and hardware in biology 00:40:19 Plasticity in biology 00:41:34 Complexity and intelligence 00:45:00 Picasso frogs 00:48:07 Bio-electricity 00:54:20 Using bio-electricity to change the development of an organism 00:57:13 Ions and development of an organism 00:59:50 Bio-electric patterns for different organs 01:00:41 Meaning of bio-electric pattern 01:03:10 Future of bio-electric pattern 01:09:58 How to change bio-electric pattern? 01:11:28 Xenobots 01:14:58 Xenobots architecture 01:16:36 Cellular regeneration 01:19:03 Major driver for the cellular regeneration 01:19:44 Bio-electricity, Xenobots, future of biology and regenerative medicine 01:21:38 Thank you!