Emergence of the universe with Peter Atkins

This episode is with Peter Atkins. He is a chemist and a Fellow of Lincoln College at the University of Oxford. Peter is a prolific writer of popular chemistry textbooks, including Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Molecular Quantum Mechanics.

Here we talk about what are the laws of nature?, fundamental constants, emergence in the universe, strong and weak emergence, multiverse and a theory of everything.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:56 What is emergence?

00:02:30 what is the relation between emergence, Complexity and self-organisation?

00:12:42 How the universe originated?

00:31:00 understanding nothing and multiverse

00:32:07 How time emerges?

00:34:09 is nothing still evolving?

00:41:32 Evolution of humanity through time

00:51:05 what does it mean to be human?

00:52:48 how do we discover laws of nature?

00:58:32 outlaws and inlaws.

01:01:55 A grand unified theory in science

01:06:08 are fundamental constants fundamental?

01:17:11 predicting chemistry from physics

01:22:05 Increasing importance of predictions

01:26:05 what are the major questions for science of emergence?

01:29:15 can we create 'absolutely nothing' in the lab?

01:30:14 how much can we account for abstract properties?

01:34:30 future work

01:36:42 Thank you

Music by: Ahmed Hassan (https://www.youtube.com/@2ays577/featured)