Evolution of gender with Frans De Waal

This episode is with Frans De Waal. He is a professor in Emory University's psychology department and the Director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. He is the author of several popular books like 'Chimpanzee politics', The age of empathy' and 'The bonobo and the atheist'. His latest book is 'Different: gender through the eyes of a primatologist'.

In this conversation we talk about evolution of sex and gender in humans, primates, and mammals.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:54 Primatologist's take on gender

00:06:54 Biases in human cultures

00:08:15 Sex and gender in the society

00:10:58 Difference between sex and gender

00:15:11 Toxic masculinity

00:16:48 Do sapiens have male dominated societies?

00:20:20 Power struggles in the societies

00:21:39 Violence in the societies

00:23:47 Violence in the bonobos

00:25:10 Can we decrease the violence?

00:28:19 Can nurture control nature?

00:28:50 Rapes in primates

00:31:15 Friendship, cooperation and peacemaking

00:35:39 Monogamy in primates

00:37:06 Same-sex sex

00:39:31 Transgenders

00:45:23 Maternal instincts and xenophobia

00:52:37 How far nurture can change nature?

01:00:07 Thank you!