Philosophy meets science with Michael Strevens

Michael Strevens is a professor of Philosophy at New York University. He is specialized on the philosophy of science. His major interests include explanation, complex systems, probability, confirmation, the social structure of science, and causation; the psychology of concepts; and the philosophical applications of cognitive science. He is the author of The Knowledge Machine: How Irrationality Created Modern Science, Thinking Off Your Feet: How Empirical Psychology Vindicates Armchair Philosophy and Depth. In this conversation, we talk about: philosophy of science, work of the great philosophers of science Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn, what is science, how science works, the knowledge machine, iron rule, irrationality of science, arrival of modern science, iron rule of science for artificial intelligence.

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Here's the outline of the session:

0:00 Introduction 0:38 A philosopher of science 1:47 Work of Karl popper and Thomas Kuhn 4:43 What did Popper and Kuhn miss? 8:39 What is science? 17:40 The knowledge machine 21:37 Irrational science 31:28 Nature of empirical evidence 37:50 Power struggles in science 42:16 Iron rule of science 49:10 Einstein was right! 51:35 Proof reading in science 54:49 Why it took so much time for science to arrive? 1:01:08 Power of science 1:04:44 Science and pseudoscience 1:07:31 Education and science 1:11:09 Who is a scientist? 1:16:20 Read the knowledge machine 1:19:02 Science with robots 1:22:16 More about Michael's work