Quantum physics for babies with Chris Ferrie

This episode is with Chris Ferrie. He is an associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and Centre for Quantum Software and Information. His research focuses on quantum information science. Chris also writes children's books and some selected titles include Quantum Physics for Babies, 8 Little Planets and Pandemics for Babies. In this conversation we talk about beginning of quantum physics, Double slit experiment, matter, understanding reality, quantum entanglement and quantum computing.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:55 Do we understand quantum physics?

00:03:50 Double slit experiment

00:08:43 Max Planck and Einstein's work

00:09:58 Early development of quantum theory

00:12:05 'Quantum' in quantum physics

00:12:41 Heisenberg's principle

00:18:56 Schrodinger's equation

00:20:10 Quantum superposition and quantum entanglement

00:22:53 How to understand quantum entanglement?

00:27:26 Measurement

00:30:13 What is matter and nature of reality?

00:34:22 Reductionism

00:36:07 Emergence and theory of everything

00:39:49 Science of chaos/luck/chance 00:42:11 Understanding chaos

00:43:54 Quantum information

00:50:07 Quantum information and consciousness

00:51:31 Work of Bernardo Kastrup and Donald Hoffman

00:54:54 (Eugene) Wigner's friend

00:59:44 Decoherence in quantum physics

01:02:31 Quantum computers

01:07:09 How big are quantum computers?

01:10:10 Problem with quantum computers

01:11:20 2022 Nobel prize in physics

01:15:04 Quantum systems in action

01:18:06 Writing science books for babies

01:21:08 Thank you!