Science, Evolution and Atheism with PZ Myers

This episode is with Paul Zachary (PZ) Myers. He is an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota where he works in the field of developmental biology. He is also a founder and author of Pharyngula science blog. Here we talk about science based atheism, evolution of religion, god of gaps argument, origin and evolution of life, human values in the society, free speech and future of humanity.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:08 How did your scientific career started?

00:03:24 PZ's view on atheism

00:05:53 Science based atheism

00:08:29 Why we need to leave religion or God to become a scientist? 00:10:36 Preconceived biases because of faith

00:11:26 There's no clear definition of God

00:13:00 God of gaps argument

00:16:38 Can we bridge the gaps with science?

00:19:12 Transition of chemistry to biology (origin of life)

00:24:46 Evolution of life on the planet

00:29:06 Multicellularity and Sexual reproduction

00:34:59 Variation for natural selection

00:40:53 Role of chance in biology

00:44:45 Evolution-Development (Evo-Devo) biology

00:52:42 Hox genes

00:56:18 Evolutionary theory is most opposed theory!

00:59:07 Evolution of religion

01:01:58 Nature-nurture

01:04:38 Free will

01:07:28 Consciousness

01:12:58 Teleology (Purpose) in science

01:19:24 Religion in artificial intelligence

01:26:48 Morality and atheism

01:38:38 Meaning and purpose of life

01:41:31 Spirituality

01:46:07 Education and a dialogue

01:49:30 Thank you!

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