The edge of our solar system with Konstantin Batygin

This is a conversation with Konstantin Batygin. He is a planetary science professor at Caltech known for his work on planet 9. He is also a part of a rock band "The seventh season". In this conversation we talk about how do new solar systems form?, what is a planet?, Planet 9, Kuiper belt, and the Edge of our solar system.

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Time stamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:51 Science and music 00:04:37 How our solar system formed? 00:10:33 How different planets form? 00:13:13 Solar system as a disc 00:14:34 Rocky and gas planets 00:18:39 What sort of planets form first? 00:21:36 Orbits of the planets during the formation of a solar system 00:25:45 What is a planet? 00:28:41 Major contribution of planets in the stability of a solar system 00:30:52 Gravitational Pull 00:33:47 Why there's Planet 9? 00:36:27 History of Planet 9! 00:42:11 Why don't we have the evidence for planet 9 yet? 00:45:01 Tools to study unexplored part of solar system 00:47:44 Kuiper belt 00:48:08 What kind of planet is planet 9? 00:49:19 Orbit of Planet 9 00:51:07 Can planet 9 be a black hole? 00:53:40 What is the edge of our solar system? 00:55:36 Oumuamua 01:00:00 Concluding and thanks!