The future of dinosaurs with David Hone

This episode is with David Hone.David is a paleontologist and writer. His research focuses on the behavior and ecology of the dinosaurs and their flying relatives, the pterosaur. He is the author of "The tyrannosaur Chronicles" and "The future of Dinosaurs". Here we talk about importance of fossils in science, process of fossilization, why did dinosaurs go extincts?, Evolution of modern birds, and the future of dinosaurs. More about David's work:

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00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:21 Paleontology and Dinosaurs 00:02:09 Daily life of a paleontologist 00:06:06 Importance of fossils 00:12:26 Process of fossilization 00:17:48 How long fossilization takes? 00:20:24 Paleo-biology 00:21:15 Are fossils rocks? 00:25:26 How much do we know about living species? 00:26:56 History of identification of Dinosaurs 00:32:51 Where are the Dinosaurs? 00:35:11 Evidence for the extinction of Dinosaurs 00:38:41 Relatives of Dinosaurs 00:41:37 Dinosaurs diversity 00:45:54 Naming of Dinosaurs 00:46:52 Fossilization of impressions 00:49:33 Feathers of Dinosaurs 00:50:36 DNA of Dinosaurs 00:52:10 Studying fossils and their preservation 00:53:52 Preserving the fossils 00:56:53 How does an excavation site is decided? 00:59:28 How big these excavation sites are? 01:00:52 Process of extraction of fossils 01:02:08 Improvements in identifying the fossils 01:03:34 How to study behavior ecology of extinct species? 01:06:25 Eggs as fossils 01:10:58 Questions that we can not address about behavioral ecology? 01:13:36 Fossilization of an alien life 01:16:44 Major questions in the field 01:19:48 How people can support? 01:20:51 Thank you!