Understanding metabolism and aging with Charles Brenner

This episode is with Charles Brenner. He is the Alfred E Mann Family Foundation Chair in the department of Diabetes and Cancer Metabolism. His research focuses on disturbances in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), the central catalyst of metabolism, in diseases and conditions of metabolic stress.

Here we talk about what is metabolism?, NAD system, factors affecting NAD system, ageing, anti-ageing research and how NAD system can be used in health?

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:00:51 What is metabolism?

00:01:40 Metabolism at cellular level

00:02:44 Different metabolic processes

00:04:50 NAD (Nicotinamide adenine diamide) system

00:08:20 Food to NAD system

00:13:09 Evolutionary history of NAD system

00:15:44 Molecular description of NAD system

00:20:51 Synthesis of NAD

00:23:21 What is metabolic stress?

00:28:23 Consequences of metabolic stress on NAD system

00:29:45 Conditions caused by NAD deficiency

00:34:23 Impact of food on metabolic stress

00:35:51 Different types of foods and NAD levels

00:40:01 NAD levels and circadian rythem

00:40:50 Genetic predisposition to NAD levels

00:42:40 Are there population wide changes in NAD systems?

00:47:25 Importance of NAD levels in the blood and how much of these can enter in the cell?

00:50:08 Are there modified NMN compounds which can enter in the cell?

00:52:01 NAD system and aging

01:02:25 Objection against 'Sirtuins as drivers of aging'

01:04:29 How do we understand aging?

01:08:25 Biochemical explanation of aging

01:12:20 What kind of biomarkers can help is in studying aging?

01:15:33 Charles' work on NAD system

01:17:05 What sort of system can help us study aging?

01:23:37 Lifestyle and NAD system

01:26:07 NR (Nicotinamide Ribose) as supplements

01:27:19 Thank you!