Where did the universe come from with Geraint Lewis

This episode is with Geraint Lewis. He is a Professor of Professor of Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, part of the University of Sydney's School of Physics. His research focuses on the 'dark side of the universe', the matter and energy that shapes our cosmos. His books include 'A fortunate universe' and 'The cosmic revolutionary's handbook'. His latest book is 'Where did the universe come from' co-authored by Prof. Chris Ferrie.

In this conversation we talk about theory of gravity, quantum physics, Big Bang, Expansion of the universe?, Matter, how do the elements form?, Antimatter, Dark matter and Dark energy.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:16 Do we have to presuppose the existence of the universe?

00:05:49 Something from nothing

00:07:14 'What is nothing?'

00:08:26 Theory of gravity and Quantum physics

00:14:30 Standard model in physics

00:16:17 Understanding matter

00:19:00 Why we can't include gravity at quantum level?

00:20:58 Scale matters for gravity

00:21:52 Scales for Quantum effects

00:26:46 Evidence for Big Bang

00:32:53 What is fundamental?

00:37:47 Space-time is doomed

00:43:09 Universe emerging from another universe

00:45:54 How to envision Big Bang?

00:49:16 Forces at work at the Big Bang

00:58:46 Idea of the multiverse

00:59:41 Fine tuning to produce elements in the universe

01:04:10 Are all electrons same?

01:11:00 Formation of the elements

01:14:12 How do various elements reach on the planets?

01:21:20 Antimatter and why matter exist?

01:31:29 Dark matter and Dark energy

01:34:16 Question of emergence

01:35:46 How does angular momentum get included in Dark matter models of galactic rotation?

01:39:24 Can we create a universe?

01:41:02 Thank you!

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