Big Bang, Black holes and Gravitational waves with Abhay Ashtekar 

This episode is with Abhay Ashtekar. He is Evan Pugh Professor of Physics at Penn State, where he also holds the Eberly Chair. In 1993, he founded the Institute of Gravitation and the Cosmos. Ashtekar’s scientific work focuses on theoretical aspects of general relativity, cosmology and quantum gravity. Here we talk about what is gravity?, loop quantum gravity, The big bang, The big bounce, Singularities, Black holes and gravitational waves. 

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:00:52 What is gravity? 

00:10:50 Einstein's equivalence principle 

00:15:34 Importance of geometry in physics 

00:19:04 Introduction to quantum field theory 

00:23:50 Einstein's work on quantum mechanics 

00:25:04 Quantum field theory to explain reality 

00:33:10 Scale of theory of relativity and quantum field theory 

00:37:50 Introduction to loop quantum gravity 

00:52:44 Gravity is a weak force 

00:54:45 'Loops' in loop quantum gravity 

01:05:20 Difference between strings and quantum threads 

01:07:04 Status of Gravitons 

01:10:58 Importance of gravitons 

01:15:12 Gravitational waves 

01:17:34 What is a black hole? 

01:21:16 Black holes and loop quantum gravity 

01:27:12 The Big Bounce 

01:38:00 Loop quantum cosmology 

01:39:07 Big bounce and the universe 

01:41:31 Validating loop quantum gravity 

01:45:25 Recommended reading 

01:49:51 Thank you! 

Recommended reading: 

The Story of Loop Quantum Gravity- From the Big Bounce to Black Holes Before the Big Bang 1 - Loop Quantum Cosmology Explained A 

Short Review of Loop Quantum Gravity, by A. Ashtekar and E. Bianchi, 

Quantum Space-time: Beyond the continuum of Minkowski and Einstein, by A. Ashtekar, 

Clip: New Meaning of the Big Bang. 

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