Building life from chemistry with Lee Cronin

This episode is with Lee Cronin. He is the Regius Chair of Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. He and his team are trying to make artificial life forms, find alien life, explore the digitization of chemistry, understand how information can be encoded into chemicals and construct chemical computers. In this conversation we talk about topics related to origin of life, framework to build life from inorganic material, assembly theory, Darwinian evolution, and alien life.      

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:00:59 Lee's point of view of origin of life research 

00:02:24 Are there different scales in chemistry of origin of life? 

00:04:01 Framework to build life 

00:06:57 Theory of life 

00:12:06 Can Darwinian evolution works beyond at the chemical level? 

00:15:59 Fundamental level of selection 

00:22:04 Memories of compounds 

00:22:42 Assembly theory 

00:24:51 Multiverse 

00:28:05 Why haven't we managed to build life so far? 

00:31:33 How to use automation to build life? 

00:36:33 What is essence of life? 

00:39:03 Why do we have life only on earth in our solar system? 

00:39:33 Experiment to build life 

00:40:33 What will be the information of artificial life? 

00:41:19 Chemputer 

00:44:38 3D printing life forms 

00:49:07 How to identify alien life? 

00:50:22 Explanation of assembly theory 

00:54:22 How to differentiate alien organic or inorganic matter? 

00:58:12 Selection at artificial cells 

01:02:45 Thank you!    

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