Human evolution with Chris Stringer

This episode is with Chris Stringer. Chris is a renowned paleoanthropologist and a leading expert in the study of human evolution. He is a researcher at the Natural History Museum in London. He is best known for his work on the origins and evolution of modern humans. In this discussion, we will delve into the topics of evolution of sapiens, the development of modern humans, the reasons for our unique existence, and making projections about the future of human evolution.    

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:00:56 Where did the Homo Sapiens first appear and when was it? 

00:03:38 What is a species and when does a species become a species? 

00:07:03 What are hominins and when did they appear? 

00:12:33 Where did hominins diverge? 

00:16:50 Homo Sapiens is not the only humans which moved out of Africa! 

00:23:08 Tools to study the evolution 

00:28:06 Why there are limited fossils from certain regions? 

00:30:48 Importance of fossils 

00:31:54 Origins of Homo Sapiens 

00:38:05 Genomes of the various homo species 

00:40:14 How to get the proteins from fossils to study evolution? 

00:41:22 Why are we alone? 

00:49:22 'Bigger brain' argument for the survival of sapiens 

00:50:46 Language and fire use in other hominins 

00:55:05 Major questions about the evolution of hominids and hominins 

00:56:53 Presence of humans in America 

00:58:18 Future of human evolution 

01:00:30 Thank you!    

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