Life origins at hydrothermal vents with Michael Russell

This episode is with Michael Russell. He is geologist who works on the origin of life. Mike is an originator of the theory that life emerged at alkaline submarine hydrothermal vents. In this conversation we talk about topics related to origin of life, hydrothermal vents, alien life, artificial life, and are there new life forms emerging now?     

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:00:49 What are the most interesting aspects of life? 

00:04:02 Beginning of space-time 

00:08:42 Dawn of chemistry 

00:11:47 Progress in science 

00:16:37 Discovery of hydrothermal vents for emergence of life 

00:28:12 How the submarine alkaline vents were discovered? 

00:37:06 Early earth conditions for the origin of life 

00:44:22 Major issues to explain origin of life 

00:49:45 Composition of green rust 

00:52:07 Disagreement on engines of hydrothermal vents 

00:54:15 Can we link origin of metabolism at hydrothermal vents with the information? 

00:56:22 Next step after origin of metabolism 

00:59:22 Membranes and viruses 

01:02:34 Did protocells escape hydrothermal vents? 

01:08:47 Did LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) evolve in hydrothermal vents? 

01:18:56 Creating an artificial hydrothermal vents 

01:29:00 Thank you!   

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