Physical reality and mind with Chris Fields

This episode is with Chris Fields. He is an independent scientist with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Colorado. Here we talk about what is a self?, nature of consciousness, physical reality, quantum field theory, panpsychism, boundaries of cognition, complex systems and a theory of consciousness.  

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:00:53 What is a self? 

00:06:13 Difference between a self of a bacteria and human? 

00:11:20 Self and a mind 

00:14:22 Consciousness and a self 

00:20:13 Panpsychism 

00:22:25 Boundaries of cognition 

00:26:40 Properties of LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) 

00:34:22 Memory and information in a system 

00:39:24 How far we can stretch the understanding of boundaries? 

00:43:16 Quantum fields 

00:45:14 Where is a self in the transitions of matter? 

00:51:31 Language trap in exploring consciousness 

00:56:20 Scale of consciousness 

01:05:20 Attributing consciousness to chemistry 

01:07:20 Consciousness during the development of a human 

01:11:11 What would it mean to have a theory of consciousness? 

01:16:17 Experience of larger and complex systems 

01:20:03 Understanding complexity 

01:27:48 Building complex systems like AI 

01:32:32 What makes internet so complex? 

01:35:34 Mike Levin's work to create Xenobots 

01:41:00 Creating artificial bacteria 

01:45:26 Origin of life 

01:49:09 Major questions that Chris is exploring 

01:54:08 Thank you!  

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