Physics of Black holes with Chris Impey

This episode is with Chris Impey. He is a university Distinguished Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona. For 17 years he was Deputy Head of the Astronomy Department at the University of Arizona, and he is currently Associate Dean of the College of Science. His research focuses on observational cosmology—using telescopes and other instruments to study the large-scale structure and evolution of the universe. Here we talk about Einstein's monsters, How do black holes form?, Types of black holes?, Information paradox, Supernova, Dark matter and Dark energy.

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:00:57 What are Einstein's monsters? 

00:01:18 Theory of relativity 

00:03:21 How theory of relativity predicts Black holes? 

00:04:28 How to envision gravity? 

00:05:31 Is gravity space-time? 

00:06:46 What are singularities? 

00:09:38 How do black holes form? 

00:11:40 How long it takes in the formation of black hole? 

00:13:17 Why planets don't get converted into black hole? 

00:15:40 Impact of a black hole on the 2D sheet 

00:16:37 What happens at the event horizon? 

00:20:20 Information paradox 

00:21:59 Different sizes of black holes

00:24:00 How to measure the mass of black holes? 

00:25:03 Orbitals of black holes 

00:26:10 Neutron stars, Black holes and White dwarfs 

00:29:20 Inside of a black hole 

00:30:15 Images of black holes 

00:32:03 Hearing black holes 

00:33:43 Other measuring methods in astronomy 

00:36:55 Active or Inactive black hole 

00:42:34 Can a black hole eat the whole galaxy? 

00:44:42 How fast black holes can eat matter? 

00:46:38 Collision of two black holes 

00:47:46 White holes 

00:50:30 Which came first, black hole or a galaxy? 

00:53:00 Relation between Black holes and Dark matter 

00:56:06 Big bang, Big crunch and Black holes 

00:59:33 Major questions in the field 

01:01:14 Thank you 

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