Unconscious mind and our behavior with John Bargh

This episode is with John Bargh. He is a social psychologist at Yale University. John's work has shed light on the intricate workings of the human mind, delving into topics such as priming, automaticity, and the power of the unconscious. His research has challenged conventional notions, revealing how subtle cues and environmental factors can shape our perceptions, decisions, and actions. In this conversation we talk about unconscious mind, priming effects, evolution of consciousness, unconscious biases, and can we train our unconscious?  

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00:00:00 Introduction 

00:01:46 Early career 

00:04:10 Hard problem of consciousness 

00:10:33 Unconscious mind and it's role in our behavior 

00:17:57 Distinction between conscious and unconscious mind 

00:20:40 Hot and Cold experiments 

00:29:56 Priming effects 

00:30:40 Global effects of priming 

00:34:05 Goal priming 

00:39:40 Trust priming for the ideologies 

00:55:45 Cultural priming

00:58:31 Priming effects through Social media 

01:07:50 Evolution of conscious and unconscious mind 

01:15:00 Examples of conscious and unconscious activities 

01:17:46 Evolution of unconscious mind in other species 

01:20:50 Consciousness in other species 

01:24:00 Can we train our unconscious mind? 

01:27:24 Effects of multi-tasking 

01:34:00 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 

01:36:03 Unconscious biases 

01:42:02 Next book 

01:45:12 Thank You!

Music by: Ahmed Hassan (https://www.youtube.com/@2ays577/featured)