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Welcome to "Reason with Science", the podcast that explores the intersection of reason and science in our everyday lives. Billions of years of evolution have led to a species asking questions about its existence. This quest of humans is not possible without science. As we navigate an increasingly complex world, approaching issues with a clear and evidence-based understanding is more important than ever. In this podcast, we'll dive into the latest research, explore fascinating topics, and interview experts in their respective fields to help us make sense of the world around us. Whether you're a scientist, a student, or simply someone who values critical thinking, "Reason with Science" is the perfect podcast. 

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This episode is with Denis Noble. He is a renowned biologist, physiologist, and systems theorist, known for his pioneering research in the fields of cardiac physiology and systems biology. In this conversation we talk about the topics related to evolution, including Neo-Darwinism, the role of DNA as information, the use of genes as templates for evolution, the emerging field of epigenetics, the significance of bioelectricity, and potential future directions for evolutionary research. 

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This episode is with Michael Levin and Nick Lane. Mike is a Professor in the Biology department at Tufts University. He studies the role of bioelectric signals in regulating development and regeneration in animals. Nick is a professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry at University College London. His work is focused on the fundamental processes that underlie the origin and evolution of life. 

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